New Instruments

GC-MS @ The Mass Spectrometry Core
Coming soon!!!

MACSQuant Analyzer10 - Flow Cytometer

3 lasers, 10 optical channels
Multi sample analysis of up yo 96 wells
Integrated auto-labeling


These kits are available for analysis:

DNA 1000 kit
High sensitivity kit
RNA 6000 nano kit
RNA 6000 pico kit

Focused - Ultrasonicator

DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing

TissueLyser II

Instrument is equipped with

Grinding jar Set
Adapter set 2 x 24
Adapter set 2 x 96

EVOS FL Cell Imaging System

This new imaging system is capable of automated time lapse imaging, area scanning and tile stiching.
Objectives - 4x, 10X, 20X(Phase, 0.40NA/3.1WD), 40X(Phase,0.75NA/0.72WD) and 100X oil(1.28NA/0.21WD)
EVOS LED Cubes - DAPI, GFP, Texas Red, Cy5
This instrument is also equipped with an Automated stage.

The Ion Torrent: The Next Generation Sequencher!!
The Personal Genome Machine

Semi Conductor Chip based Technology
The Ion Torrent Technology directly translates chemically encoded information (A, C, G, T) into digital information (0, 1) on a semiconductor chip

314 chip: 10 MB sequence
316 chip: 100 MB sequence
318 chip: 1GB sequence

Sequencing 1 chip takes 85 min

CLC Workbench software available in house to assemble and align sequences.

For Sangers & Illumina MiSeq sequencing service : Microbiology sequencing facility

Cellometer Vision

An automated cell counter and analyzer that combines brightfield and multi-channel fluorescence to generate cell count & florescence data.


This instrument can be used to 'dry down' or remove solvents, and can also be used to dehydrate cells.

Please make sure to see Sujata before using this instrument.