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Plant Biotechnology Building

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Tennessee Plant Biotechnology Building

Step into the University of Tennessee's new Plant Biotechnology Building and you enter one of the most advanced facilities of its kind. Located at the heart of the Institute of Agriculture's Knoxville campus, the building is at once a home for advanced science and a concrete symbol of the UT's land grant mission to put knowledge to work to benefit the economy, livelihood and future of the citizens of Tennessee

All for one, one for all

As stated in New Collaborative Research, "The Plant Biotechnology Building (PBB) holds a dual purpose: to support advanced research and to foster collaboration and sharing. The goal is to have a seamless, continuous chain of research that begins with discovery science and continuous through to real-world applications."

The purpose of this website is to increase the effectiveness of research work in our building and to bolster active collaborations by providing information of:

  • Investigators in the PBB and their research interests.
  • List of online tools and vendors for biotechnology.
  • Location and access of core facility equipment.

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