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Frequently Used Tools:

  UTIA Genomics Hub

Analytical Services
With the expertise of our scientists we can detect elements in environmental samples using Atomic Emission Spectroscopy and get accurate particulate size using the state of the art Laser Diffraction analyzer.
The MacsQuant10 flow cytometer includes blue,red and violet lasers and a very intuitive software. The corning cell counter is an automated cell conter. The Cellometer Vision automated cell counter offers fluorescence-based whole cell imaging for cell concentration and viability measurement. .
Our genomics platform includes The Ion Torrent next generation sequencer, the Agilent bioanalyzer and the Qiaxcel capillary electrophoresis systems, the QuantStudio6 qPCR instrument, a plate reader and more.
We are highly experienced in real time PCR and microarray analysis with our in house state of the art instruments.

The proteomics station is complete with the 2D gel running and analysis capabilities with the DeCyder software and EttanSpot picker. The Luminex200 gives our scientists the opportunity to study upto 100 different proteins being expressed at any givrn time, in a sample.
With the UV/Vis High performance liquid chromatography at their finger tips our scientists enjoy the freedom to identify, quantify and purify individual components in their unique compounds.
Digital imaging plays an important role in our lab. With the EVOS FLAuto, GE Typhoon Trio, the molecular imager FX and the microarray scanner our researchers are saving time and keeping hands off from the dangerous chemicals.
An important resource in our lab is the high throughput computer for our scientists to analyze next generation sequencing & statistical data in minutes.